Community Services

The Community Services Department is responsible for the oversight of seven Bureaus and their respective boards as well as the Conservation Commission and the Cable

TV and Telecommunications Committee. The Department provides oversight and management of the Cable TV Franchise Agreement currently in place with Time-Warner Cable LLC.

The City of Augusta provides the option for those who seek to NOT have the weeds chemically treated in the City's Right-Of-Way adjacent to their proerty. To that end, resdients and or business owners need to fill out the OPT-OUT form and review the Herbicide Policy to ensure compliance with the Opt-out program. Please down load the opt-out form and polciy and mail to the address posted on the form. Should you have questions feel free to contact either the Department of Public Works Department at 626-2435 or the Parks & Cemeteries Bureau at 626-2352.

Augusta Community Services Department believes recreational, educational, childcare, historical, health and welfare, {7C7986EC-E793-465E-8178-41E2DFB54664}_Webcultural and leisure time activities enhance the quality of life for citizens of this community.
We are dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing our Park system and natural resources. We meet the demands of the community through effective use of financial and human resources. Our professional staff and volunteers design and deliver quality activities and services to all people. We are committed to sound fiscal policies.

Contact and Address
Community Services Director: Leif Erik Dahlin Address: 16 Cony St., Augusta, ME 04330 E-mail: Office Ph.: (207) 626-2305 FAX: (207) 626-2354

Wendy Somes, Administrative Assistant Ph # (207) 626-2350 E-mail:

Bureau Directors and Staff
Childcare: Ph #: (207) 626-2350 Karen Hatch, Director E-mail: 

Health & Welfare: Ph # (207)626-2325 Leif Erik Dahlin, Director E-mail;  

Sara Russell, Sr. Caseworker/Technician, E-mail  

Debra Lymneos, Case worker/Technician, Email:

{5C99925A-C634-46B1-8DFF-6415E6152C61}_WebLithgow Public Library: Ph # (207) 626-2415 Betsy Pohl, Director, E-mail

Old Fort Western:
Ph #: (207)626-2385 Linda Novak Director E-mail: office assistant Lorie Mastemaker at:

Parks, Cemeteries and Trees: Ph# (207) 626-2352 Charlie McCann, Director E-mail: {8FED5B6C-0B9F-4318-9E5D-FBEB752ABF75} Chris Blodgett, Foreman Email:

Recreation: Ph # (207) 626-2350 Bruce Chase, Director E-mail: